Buckingham Palace and Garden at Buckingham Palace


Buckingham Palace is the official London residence and principal workplace of the British monarch. Buckingham Palace is located in the City of Westminster. The palace is a setting for state occasions and royal hospitality. Originally known as Buckingham House, the …

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London Eye


The London Eye is a gigantic observation wheel (also know as Ferris wheel). It is situated on the bank of the River Thames in London (England). The London Eye is 135 metres tall. Each of 32 ovoid capsules weighs 10 …

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Kraków – a brief history – part I.


The first traces of Kraków’s existence are dated from around the 7th century. The earliest written record of the town dates from 966, when a Sephardic Jewish merchant from Cordova called Abraham ben Jacob (Ibrahim ibn Yaqub) visited the city …

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Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum – Phnom Penh, Cambodia


The Tuol Sleng Genocide Museum in museum located in capital city of Cambodia – Phnom Penh. Museum is located in the site where was a former high school. That high school was used as a Security Prison 21 (known as …

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Phnom Penh, capital city of Cambodia – Pearl of Asia


Phnom Penh, once known as the ‘Pearl of Asia’, is the capital and largest city in Cambodia. It is now a cultural, commercial, and political centre that offers a unique blend of traditional charm and urban bustle. Phnom Penh is located …

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Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum in Hanoi


The Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum is located in the centre of Ba Dinh Square in Hanoi. The Mausoleum mainly used for parades  and army marches is large and famous memorial in Hanoi (Vietnam). On Ba Dinh Square on September 2, …

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Delhi in India


Raucous Delhi, with its incredibly snarling traffic, obtrusive touts and smudgy crowds, can be very frazzling for its visitors. Delhi is city really extremely full of human and mechanical traffic. There you can find the noisiest streets around the world. …

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